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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Let's Do Something about the Mamzerim

Let’s do something about the mamzerim. How awful to talk about mamzerim. I once met a doubtful mamzer. I was involved when gedolei hador argued if he was a mamzer or not.  I got to know the fellow in a special way. I never in my life saw such yiras shomayim. After I risked my life and got him a heter from the gedolim in Israel to ask his shaalo to Reb Moshe who permitted him to marry, he refused it. He said, “I am an Israeli and want my rabbonim to pasken.” A young man, just like that, and he gave up his life. Because his rabbonim were not going to permit him to remarry. They told him to go to Reb Moshe because they would not permit him to marry. And he refused to go. I found a Rov who spoke to him and convinced him to go to Reb Moshe. And these are the holy neshomose that are flooding the market with mamzerim and doubtful mamzerim. What will we say to them? I know what I will say to them. I fought for you tooth and nail. But what will you say to them? In a hundred and twenty years, what will we say to the heavenly court, that we did  enough?

My failure in this regard is that I am doing things on my own. I got my brother on his blog involved. That made quite a difference. Husbands who were being battered without mercy because his wife was a cousin of a major Rosh Yeshiva or because her father was a friend of a major Rosh Yeshiva, now had a friend, little me, and my brother. And we gave back, full blast. I challenged the Rosh Yeshivas and Dayanaim: What is your source to permit this coercion? The vast majority of them never even spoke to the husband. They just signed letters to destroy him because the corrupt Rosh Yeshiva asked them to. Their corruption and ignorance was revealed for all to see. And when one of them finally got around to producing a source, I made thirteen pages to refute it. My work was accepted by the rabbonim in Israel and letters went all around the country forbidden coercion through humiliation. Then a sefer was put out with these warnings, signed by Gedolei HaDor including Rav Chaim Kanievsky and Rav Shmuel HaLevi Wosner shlit”o. But the inventors of excuses to free a woman are still busy.

And if this blog of mine in two weeks got about four thousand page views, it was because my brother pushed it on his blog. But is that the end?
I got a phone call yesterday from a prominent Head of Beth Din in a major city. He told me that he had a Din Torah that day, and major rabbis of the community were there. He discussed with them what I am doing to fight coerced divorces that make mamzerim. One Rov knew about me and had seen my writings. The other Rov knew nothing about me or the entire subject. So we need more people to be informed about what is going on. At least every Rov must know not to perform kiddushin when one of the couple is the product of a coerced GET. Otherwise the Rov will himself create mamzerim.

A lot of people read this blog. But this is war. It is war for the next generation. Just as there are now many Roshei Yeshiva and rabbis who permit a woman to escape her marriage with coercions and worse, such as the Philadelphia idiot who permits a woman to leave her husband without a GET, despite the fact that the husband wants to give a GET if the wife will fix up the custody situation, after she left the city the husband lives in. Yes, tomorrow will be more idiots and inevitably, more mamzerim. I ask you, what are you going to do about it? Or isn’t that your business? If we have a world where the rabbonim do nothing when a Rosh Yeshiva permits a woman to remarry with no GET, who is tending the store? I ask this, and in the next world, it will be on the agenda.