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Monday, April 25, 2016

Rabbi Herschel Schechter No Longer Rav of ORA?

Just heard from several reliable sources that Rabbi Herschel Schachter has resigned as Rov of ORA, the organization to force husbands to give their wives a GET. Such a GET is considered invalid and children born from such a GET can be mamzerim. Rabbi Schachter always encouraged such forcing of a GET, but something else occurred that caused him to resign as Posek of ORA. That was the ridiculous pesak of Rabbis N. Greenblatt and RS Kaminetsky that Tamar Epstein could remarry without a GET, something ridiculed by major rabbis all over the world. When ORA refused to accept Rav Schachter's pesak that Tamar Epstein could not remarry without a GET, he resigned as their Rov. However, he has not broken off contact with them. They still call him and consult with him but he is not their Rov, but one of many rabbis they can consult. He is not responsible for what they do as he used to be when he was their official Rov.

What we learn from this is that ORA has accepted the loss of its major Rov, Rav Herschel Schachter, but it would not back down from accepting any ridiculous reason for permitting a woman to remarry. The incredibly twisted reasoning that led to the Tamar Epstein remarrying without a GET was condemned by rabbis throughout the world as something invented, filled with lies, and without any basis in Torah. But ORA not only backed it, but lost its major Rov, the Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva University, rather than back down one drop. ORA is a fanatic organization, has nothing to do with Torah, and anyone who participates in their anti-men demonizing will go to Gehenum for making mamzerim.