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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Miriam, Aharon and Moshe: Different people, why were they different?

Miriam was the sister of Aharon and Moshe. She was the eldest child. She saved the life of Moshe, she caused her father to remarry his wife when he despaired of having his children killed by the Egyptians. She led the Jewish women in dance and song after the Splitting of the Sea, something the men did not do. 

Aharon was famous for making peace in broken families, and for restoring friendships that had frayed. His children were famous for the extreme piety, and from him came the lineage of the COHANIM, the priests.

Moshe was the greatest of the prophets. He merited to go to heaven and speak directly to G-d for forty days and forty nights several times. He rescued the Jews from Egypt and brought the Jews to Sinai to receive the Torah from G-d. He then went to heaven to receives the Ten Commandments and the Torah from G-d.

Who do you think is outstanding, in all this, if anyone? Why do you think each person of this fabulous family went their own way? Why could they not simply have merged into one pure and holy type of individual?

Any comments please.