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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mamzer Makers Get Away with It

The major rabbis in the world wrote and published severe attacks on Rabbi Shmuel Kaminetsky and his son Shalom for convincing a woman to remarry without a GET. Now Rabbi Dovid's Beth Din has kashered the treifeh tup with his ridiculous Beth Din that will not give out anything in writing. As one Dayan on that ridiculous Beth Din told me, "The Beth Din was only for Rabbi Shmuel Kaminetsky, not the public. If I want to know what the pesak of the Beth Din is, you have to ask Rabbi Shmuel Kaminetsky." This, my friends, is the new Torah, with the new inventors who feel that the old Torah has problems and only they can invent a new Torah more appropriate to mamzer makers. This is what happens when you have "gedolim" like Rabbi Dovid Feinstein and his backers in the Agudah.

Obviously, it never occurred to Rabbi Dovid Feinstein to stop Tamar from sleeping with her boyfriend without a GET, nor do it occur to him to prevent Tamar from having mamzerim because any child she has with Adam is a mamzer. What is the purpose of the Feinstein Beth Din? To kasher the treifeh tup of two Kaminetsky mamzer makers!

 And guess what - they are back! Nothing is wrong with them. The Kaminetskies have a clean slate not because they are not mamzer makers, because the mamzeruth continues due to them, but because Shalom wrote that he accepted the pesak that what he did was wrong. But Shalom never told Tamar to leave her boyfriend. Nor did his father, as far as everyone knows. So why are these two  mamzer makers restored to the graces of the Agudah and why are they going around as speakers, etc?

In this world, we don't have Gedolim like Reb Moshe or Reb Aharon. If they were alive we would never have heard of Tamar Epstein Friedman. But we do have Rabbi Dovid Feinstein and his friends in the Agudah. They are happy that Rabbi Shmuel Kaminetsky has been created clean from his sewer of mamzeruth. Rabbi Dovid Feinstein's Beth Din that never published one word that anyone knows about has cleansed these rabbinical horrors, and taught the world an important lesson: If you are a friend of Rabbi Dovid Feinstein and his two partners in crime on his 'beth din" you can make mamzerim one day and be declared a tsadik the next day, without your doing anything to undo your mamzer making.

Let us not forget the rabbi who married Tamar to a man without a GET. Rabbi Noto Greenblatt so far as we know has not accepted that he did anything wrong. He is obviously happy with what he did, and he continues to support Tamar Epstein to make mamzerim.

I once called up Rabbi Greenblatt and asked him why he permitted Tamar to remarry. He told me that he has a pesak from Gedolim and that anyone who challenges these Gedolim is an ignoramus. My question is: What Gedolim ruled that Rabbi Greenblatt had the right to marry Tamar without a GET?

If the two Kaminetskies have accepted that their pesak was wrong, the only one in town who is still in the business of marrying women who are married to somebody else is Rabbi Greenblatt. What Gedolim is he relying on to claim that Gedolim agreed with him to permit Tamar to remarry without a GET?

Well, if you deal with the Feinsteins, the Kaminetskies, and the Greenblatts, you either take or it or you leave it. They are much too busy to be bothered with mamzerim. If the children are born mamzerim, that is not something that the Beth Din of Rabbi Feinstein  worries about. Reb Dovid did his job and made Shmuel Kaminetsky kosher. The mamzerim should find somebody else to make them kosher.