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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Registering Women for Military Draft in America in 2016

Forcing Women into Combat to Satisfy Radical Liberals
By Rabbi David E. Eidensohn/845-578-1917/
As an Orthodox Jew with daughters, granddaughters, and great-granddaughters, I am deeply concerned about the government’s efforts to draft women into the American army. It seems likely now that in 2016 all American women must register for the draft or face heavy fines and jail. This would force Orthodox Jewish girls to live among men in some strange country. My concerns are religious. But there are concerns mentioned by the military and by women and others in general. Do women really have the ability to fight men to the death on the battle field? The Supreme Court has ruled that unless women are declared fit for combat duty they cannot be drafted. They can join the army voluntarily, but not be forced to join it.
The following is a from a report released by the US Marines on October of 2014:
Interim CMR Special Report − October, 2014
US Marine Corps Research Findings: Where is the Case for Co-Ed Ground Combat?
This is an Interim Special Report on the multi-phased research effort, initiated by Marine Corps Commandant General James Amos to gather quantitative data identifying the physical strength requirements of combat arms units. The goal is to find ways that women can be integrated into the combat arms without lowering standards. Researchers are finding this difficult (actually, impossible) to do, owing to naturally-occurring physical differences that make men significantly stronger…To date, twenty female officers attempted the extremely tough course but were not successful…Nothing produced by the research so far indicates that women can be physical equals and interchangeable with men in the infantry. Nor is there any evidence that women want to be treated like men in the combat arms. (emphasis mine) End quote.
            The future of America is on the line. Do we sacrifice our military for the radical women lobby? And since when do you force through a measure opposed by the military to satisfy politicians?  Why does congress not have truly open hearings to discuss this matter?
I remember the great fanfare that took place when a woman flew off an air craft carrier in the Pacific. The woman took off, and went right into the water. Her life and her very expensive plane are now gone. How many more women must die to satisfy the fantastic demands of radical feminists?
I recall a newspaper article about a reporter in Afghanistan with American troops. He noticed a boy soldier, someone very small. He approached the soldier and saw that it was a woman. Now, the enemy soldiers over there are very large and ferocious. Who in his right mind would send a “boy” sized soldier to fight such people? The fanatics.
Many women realize this. They need the army for their reasons, but feel they can serve without going into actual combat where women are not strong enough or vicious enough to perform properly. But the politicians ignore them.
It is thus that the inclusion of women in killing and physical tasks they are not equipped for is likely to happen. It will happen even though many women and others oppose this. Some oppose it because women are not natural killers and lack the strength for serious and prolonged fighting, killing and death. Others oppose it because the army if it accepts women in combat will have to lower its strength requirements, which is fatal in today’s world. We are talking about weakening the American military.
In Iraq a senior officer inspected the front line troops. He walked and walked and nobody intercepted him. Finally, he stepped right into the concealed place of some soldiers. They were a man and a woman and they were not busy with warfare. The new army in its fighting faze will be filled with unwanted pregnancies, rape and such things. The army will be damaged.
The great scandal is that congress has not called hearings on this. Everything is being carefully stage managed to produce the extreme wishes of the radical feminine lobby. And these women will die first. And if they are captured, the lucky ones will be beheaded.