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Tuesday, November 25, 2014


The Jewish Nation is built up from Jewish Communities around the world. And the cornerstone of the Jewish Community is the Jewish Family. The Zohar says that the first word in the Torah has six letters that spell בית ראש meaning “the house comes first.” The house and the family are the beginning and key element of the Torah and the Jewish experience.

Yet, the concept of Jewish Family, as handed down from generation to generation, is under attack. There are many broken homes. Children are adrift as they shuttle back and forth from their two-family homes. They struggle to balance the fights of their parents with their own need to survive. Husbands are suddenly bereft of their wife and children. Wives find themselves abruptly alone with children and small resources. But the pain of parents and children pales beside the pain of the child born when a woman remarries without a Get or with a coerced and invalid Get. Children born from another man -- not the true husband of the wife -- are Mamzerim, and such Gittin are great problems. ORA is an organization that prides itself on having publicly torturing dozens of husbands who subsequently gave coerced Gittin, and who caused problems of Mamzerus. I wonder if ORA’s mentor, Rabbi Hershel Schachter, will encourage his progeny to marry these children. And when the Kamenetskys in Philadelphia finish getting a married woman remarried without a Get, I wonder if they will encourage their grandchildren to marry her children who will be considered Mamzerim by those who believe in the Shulchan Aruch.

Yes, there are Rabbis who advise women to remarry either without a Get or with a coerced and invalid Get. But the great Rabbis of Israel reject these innovations. Any child born to a woman who remarries based on an invalid Get, will be considered by most Rabbis to be a  Mamzer.

Failure to resist those who attack the Family will mean that the Jewish People will split into two camps that cannot marry from one to the other. If present trends continue, the assorted “solutions” of marrying without a Get, as is now being done in Philadelphia, or coercion of the husband, which goes on elsewhere, will produce Mamzerim, and also doubtful Mamzerim; many women who will be told that their Get is not acceptable will have to divorce their new husband, while their children may have a permanent status of Mamzerim.

One Talmid Chacham has assumed the mantle of leadership. His teachers, the Gedolim of the past generation, directed him to publicly teach the Halachos of marriage and family. Through intensive discussions he had with these leaders, he was able to receive the right and true Tradition on how to preserve and expand the Jewish People.

I have the privilege  to serve this Talmid Chacham. He is Rabbi Dovid Eidensohn, who I have worked with for years, and have had the merit to also provide with truly modest financial support.

Join our efforts of educating the Jewish people about the problems of invalid Gittin. My phone number is (301) 754-1128.

Please click the Paypal link to the right. Donate $1. Do it now. Do it for the Eternity of the Jewish People, and for your eternal reward. When you see the new Mamzerim, you will be able to say, “I did what I could.”

Yosef Orlow