Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Reb Dovid Feinstein ראוי לנדותו!

 R. Dovid Feinstein Fails

R. Dovid Feinstein aroused great enthusiasm among many people, myself included, when we heard he was involved with a Beth Din that would adjudicate about Tamar Epstein Friedman. It was our hope that he would clearly state that Tamar Epstein Friedman was an adulteress, that if she had a child it would be a mamzer, and that any woman who did such things was a great sinner. We anticipated a strong demand from the Beth Din that those involved with encouraging Tamar Epstein Friedman to remarry without a GET were wrong, and were guilty of the sin of encouraging the worst sins. That is, we hoped that the Beth Din would clearly require Rabbis Greenblatt and Kaminetsky to revoke any permission or encouragement that they gave to Tamar to remarry without a GET from her husband Aharon Friedman.

That is what we anticipated, but that is not what we got. Instead, the Beth Din of Reb Dovid did not give out anything. All that we have is a letter from Shalom Kaminetsky that he accepts the ruling of the Beth Din that he should not have encouraged Tamar to remarry without a GET, although I don't  have the exact words he wrote at this point. Furthermore, we do not find that Shalom or Shmuel or Noto Greenblatt made any statements about the sin of remarrying without a GET.

I called up Rabbi Hillel David to find out what the Beth Din ruled and he told me basically that it was none of my business, because the entire Beth Din was only made as a favor for Shmuel Kaminetsky. And if I wanted to know what the Beth Din ruled, they should ask Shmuel Kaminetsky.

What happened is therefore a whitewash by the Beth Din to protect the name of Shmuel Kaminetsky, who accepted the Pesak of the Beth Din and was immediately allowed to visit the Gedolim in Israel now that he had climbed out of the tree with Reb Dovid's cleverness. Reb Shmuel Kaminetsky and his son Shalom spent months getting a woman to marry without a GET based upon their ridiculous logic and lies, and then they got Rabbi Notto Greenblatt to marry her without a GET to a man who was not her husband. For this wickedness and folly Reb Dovid worked, not to protect women from the rulings of people like RSK, but to protect RSK from the folly and rishuse that he invented with his son. RSK and his son are mamzer makers. That is all they are. They should not be Roshei Yeshiva. They should not pasken halochose. And a decent Beth Din would not work to restore them to their senior positions in Agudah Israel. But Dovid Feinstein does not have a decent Beth Din. He is a member of the Agudah, and the Agudah is more concerned with restoring RSK to his very high position there, as a Gadol HaDor, than it is to admitting that it has a mamzer maker who speaks as if he is the senior rabbi in the Agudah on a regular basis.

How the mighty have fallen! The Agudah and Reb Dovid used to have great respect, no more. Now Dovid is a friend of a liar and twister of halacha, a mamzer maker, and his friendship has destroyed his name. Now he is just that, a friend of a mamzer maker. And if you are a friend of a mamzer maker, you are very, very far from a Gadol. The only Gadol you are is a Gadol in making mamzerim.

Again, the Beth Din of Dovid Feinstein is a wicked "Beth Din." It does not protect women from those who invent halocho to produce mamzerim. The three rabbis on that Beth Din are working to protect a mamzer maker and his son who is also a mamzer maker. For this we have to tell it like it is. The Beth Din are reshoim. What does it do with the gemoras that "whoever can prevent a sin but does not is punished for that sin"? Does the Beth Din have a different gemora? Does it treat gemoras the way it treats women to tell them to make mamzerim? Obviously, it does.

I have been battling the rosho Kaminetsky and his son for a long time. I always wondered where everybody else was. It seemed like me and my brother were fighting against mamzer makers but nobody else. Then Tamar married without a GET. The world exploded with rabbis from Israel, America and Canada writing very sharp criticism of those who permitted Tamar to remarry without a GET. At that point, RSK and his son Shalom were ruined. But Reb Shmuel got Reb Dovid his colleague from Agudas Yisroel to get the monkey out of the tree, and Reb Dovid and his fake Beth Din did it. But there was a price to pay. Now Reb Dovid and that Beth Din are working for those who are working to invent halochose that nobody accepts. If Reb Dovid wants that status, well, he has it. Maybe the Agudah will honor him for this. Because they have some very interesting "gedolim" who are also mamzer makers or the friends of mamzer makers.

Again, the "Beth Din" of Dovid Feinstein, Hillel David and Senderowitz is a fake Beth Din, violating its obligation to fight mamzerim, and instead protecting the great mamzer maker and his son. Shmuel Kaminetsky and his son should not teach Torah surely not in a Yeshiva. They should not pasken shaalose. And they should not be honored as great authorities. They are reshoim, liars, inventors, who have a different Torah than the real one. And Reb Dovid is their great backer. For this it is proper to say of Reb Dovid, ראוי לנדותו.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Miriam, Aharon and Moshe: Different people, why were they different?

Miriam was the sister of Aharon and Moshe. She was the eldest child. She saved the life of Moshe, she caused her father to remarry his wife when he despaired of having his children killed by the Egyptians. She led the Jewish women in dance and song after the Splitting of the Sea, something the men did not do. 

Aharon was famous for making peace in broken families, and for restoring friendships that had frayed. His children were famous for the extreme piety, and from him came the lineage of the COHANIM, the priests.

Moshe was the greatest of the prophets. He merited to go to heaven and speak directly to G-d for forty days and forty nights several times. He rescued the Jews from Egypt and brought the Jews to Sinai to receive the Torah from G-d. He then went to heaven to receives the Ten Commandments and the Torah from G-d.

Who do you think is outstanding, in all this, if anyone? Why do you think each person of this fabulous family went their own way? Why could they not simply have merged into one pure and holy type of individual?

Any comments please.

Why Did Aharon Make the Aigel?

Now that Pesach is upon us, and Shavuose coming soon, it is time to ask a question why Aharon HaKohen made the Aigel HaZohov, as the Torah says, "The Aigel that Aharon made." The Zohar talks about Aharon the saint and one so removed from evil, but it does not explain why Aharon did what he did. We can also quote the opinion that Aharon saw that the son of Miriam, Chur, was murdered by the Egyptians who left Egypt to join the Jews. These Egyptians saw the miracles of the Going Out of Egypt and decided to become Jews. The Egyptians vastly outnumbered the Jews and thus the Egyptians killed Chur one of the holiest Jews. Aharon realized that if he protested what the Egyptian EIRUV RAV did, they would kill him also. And if they killed him, the High Priest, who knows what would happen to the Jewish people?

Thus, I pose this question, a very important question, but the basic answer is not here. How did Aharon the pious stumble into this mess so that the Torah writes "the Aigel that Aharon made"?

They key to the answer is to find something that Aharon did that was not a sin in of itself, but for a person on his level, it was imperfect, and thus, somewhat sinful. For this Aharon ended up with the blame for the Aigel. But what did Aharon do that was imperfect? After all, Rashi tells us that Aharon and Moshe were equal. So, the first part of the puzzle is to find out something that Aharon did that was imperfect. The next part is to show why this imperfection fitted in perfectly with the punishment that Aharon should be blamed for making the Golden Calf, which sprung forth only after Aharon pushed the gold of the Jews into the furnace.

 Some clever people may find the answer in an open passage in the Torah about Aharon and how he acted when he found out that his brother, younger than Aharon, would lead the Jews from Egypt and be the leader of the Jews. And some very clever people may find the basic idea in a passage in the Torah about the Jews singing a song of praise to HaShem.

This is a very difficult riddle, and I only found the answer the easy way, by reading it in the book of biblical commentaries, but that isn't much of a hint. So, after dropping this and that idea, who knows, maybe somebody will figure it out.

Dovid Eidensohn

Monday, April 25, 2016

Rabbi Herschel Schechter No Longer Rav of ORA?

Just heard from several reliable sources that Rabbi Herschel Schachter has resigned as Rov of ORA, the organization to force husbands to give their wives a GET. Such a GET is considered invalid and children born from such a GET can be mamzerim. Rabbi Schachter always encouraged such forcing of a GET, but something else occurred that caused him to resign as Posek of ORA. That was the ridiculous pesak of Rabbis N. Greenblatt and RS Kaminetsky that Tamar Epstein could remarry without a GET, something ridiculed by major rabbis all over the world. When ORA refused to accept Rav Schachter's pesak that Tamar Epstein could not remarry without a GET, he resigned as their Rov. However, he has not broken off contact with them. They still call him and consult with him but he is not their Rov, but one of many rabbis they can consult. He is not responsible for what they do as he used to be when he was their official Rov.

What we learn from this is that ORA has accepted the loss of its major Rov, Rav Herschel Schachter, but it would not back down from accepting any ridiculous reason for permitting a woman to remarry. The incredibly twisted reasoning that led to the Tamar Epstein remarrying without a GET was condemned by rabbis throughout the world as something invented, filled with lies, and without any basis in Torah. But ORA not only backed it, but lost its major Rov, the Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva University, rather than back down one drop. ORA is a fanatic organization, has nothing to do with Torah, and anyone who participates in their anti-men demonizing will go to Gehenum for making mamzerim.