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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Obama's "Draft America's Daughters" Removed from New Legislation!

TO: Rabbi David Eidensohn

Dear Rabbi Eidensohn
We are pleased to send you the news release below, regarding the remarkable election results of Tuesday.
President-Elect Donald J. Trump has pledged to restore the strength of our severely depleted and demoralized military. After months of hard work, now we have a real opportunity to push back and win the culture war on our military!
More good news: On Monday the Washington Examiner reported that legislation requiring women to register with Selective Service after their 18th birthday was removed from the Senate version of the FY 2017 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). President Obama will not get the chance to sign the problematic "Draft America's Daughters" legislation into law.
CMR took the lead in producing a detailed Policy Analysis  that reframed the issue, and spent a lot of time working with congressional contacts, other groups, and individual leaders who resolved to win the fight. Thank you for your help!  
We remain concerned about radical policies that Pentagon officials are moving to impose on our military before President Obama leaves office. Number one on the list is Defense Secretary Ashton Carter's controversial plans for transgenders in the military.
Again, CMR has taken the lead in analyzing recently-released Pentagon directives that will affect far more people than the tiny minority of persons who are confused about their sexual identity. This is a new CMR Policy Analysis of the issue, which we posted just before the election:  
The good news here is that these policies can be revoked by the incoming Trump Administration. That will not happen, however, unless we insist on it.
We have a lot of work to do before and after the Trump Administration Inauguration in January. More than ever, CMR needs your help to have a direct influence on what happens next during the transition and beyond.
Because CMR is a small organization with a huge mission, your personal contribution will make a big difference, especially now.
If you support CMR's work, please consider helping us with a generous, tax-deductible contribution through our secure website. Please click on the DONATE button here:
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 The news release below indicates that we have much to be grateful for. Thank you for your continuing support, and best wishes for a wonderful Fall season.