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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

War with Husbands: How to Win Big and Go to Gehenum

I think that this post's title is so hideous that only I could have thought of it. But I follow the gemora in Pesachim that warns us to speak properly. The exception is when we have to clarify confusion. Then we have to say it like it is. And, after years watching in growing agony what goes on in Torah marriages when they go down the drain, I am writing about this problem: How women can successfully make war with their husband. Wat wives are doing today in increasing numbers, and often or usually with some support from some rabbi. The punch line, is as above, "and Go to Gehenum." Now, I am not on the "Gehenum Board" in the Other World; but based upon the Torah sources I will supply here, the women who are doing the tricks and ferocious things we will describe are going to have to answer for it. And while they are doing that, they may be hearing the screaming of the rabbis who told them to do it, from the smoke filled pits outside the Heavenly Beth Din.

And as I am wont to do, when I give somebody a criticism, I like to mention also, perhaps at the beginning, the other side of the coin. This is especially true with women, who are more easily received in Heaven than men, so that their getting to the higher world is basically easy for them, while it is not easy for men, as the Gemora in Berochose says. So, what favorable thing can we say about fighting wives before we blast them out and say they will go to Gehenum?

What is going on today in divorce is going on for two reasons: One, husband and wife have no training in dealing with divorce. At least, not for the first few divorces. Two, there are rabbis and their supporters who organize and teach frightened women what they must do to destroy their husbands and get a GET.

A wife in a troubled or broken marriages often is afraid and even panics. They turn to others for advice. Usually, they turn to parents and close friends, who love them very much and are bitter at the husband for distressing their daughters or dear friend. In my Shalom Bayis Beth Din project I insist that no relative or friend ever get involved in a  problem marriage, especially one who divorced themselves. A senior rabbi in Israel heard this idea from me and vigorously added his approval. That is probably the one worst problem in broken marriages, when close family and friends "help" the wife to fight the husband and they are not equipped emotionally to do anything else. Only outsiders who have no strong emotional inducements may help in a troubled marriage.

Relative to this problem of "helpers" who teach the troubled wife how to get vicious, we  have strangers who have taken upon themselves the "mitsvah" as they put it of "freeing" a woman from her husband. They feel that any husband who refuses a GET to his wife is evil and must be forced to divorce. In halacha, this coerced GET is invalid and children from the next marriage are mamzerim. But this is a big business, one powered by very senior rabbis and Rosh Yeshivas who don't know what they are talking about. One has called for coercing a husband even to beat him until he dies. Another has permitted a woman needing a GET to leave without a GET. That is surely invalid and the children in the next marriage mamzerim. But these "rabbis" are so sure of themselves. They have no sources and I have plenty of sources, but because of their high position in the community people especially ladies who don't know the science of confronting a mistaken senior rabbi obey them and perform the mitsvah of destroying a husband with gusto. These people have their share in the child molesting that occurs when the baby is born from the next marriage and the child is a mamzer.

Then we have the organizaiton ORA that sponsors rallies outside of the homes of husbands and their families. People who refuse to give a GET have their family targetted, fired from jobs, etc. It is a terrible war and pressure and does result in many divorces. These divorces are usually invalid and the children born from them are probably mamzerim.

Now let's get to the main point, the evil things that women, fine and decent and Torah people, who love their children and parents but end up breaking their hearts, who are gentle and kind but end up with the utmost viciousness, and what they do in their war with the husband.

War with Husbands: How to Win Big and Go to GehenumThe technique is as follows. Call up a rabbi who permits women to do anything to get a GET. The rabbi never knew the caller but shoots out permission to call the police, to put the husband in jail, to break the marriage, etc. and etc. And the woman finds other women and some men who are influenced by these "rabbis" to make war on a person who may be completely innocent, and maybe the wife is a liar, as sometimes happens. But the war starts and... That is enough for today. But there is much more on this subject, hopefully, in another post. Back to our present post and a final word to the destroyers of marriage and children:

Next stop is Gehenom. But, enjoy the hate while you can.