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Thursday, June 9, 2016

72% of Women in Harvard Are Molested - Should they be drafted in the American army?

Terrible Abuse of Women in Harvard - 72.7% abused. Now Obama wants to draft women in the military?
By Rabbi Dovid E. Eidensohn

Here we quote some findings in the lengthy study of sexual assault at Harvard published in the Harvard Gazette of September 21, 2015 with comments of the President of Harvard Dr. Faust.
Women at Harvard College appear especially vulnerable to sexual assault, the survey said… The survey found that sexual harassment is a problem for women students all across the University, with 72.7 percent of undergraduate women reporting an incident of harassment during their time at Harvard, while fewer than 62 percent of undergraduate women in the broader 27-school survey reported such incidents.
Almost half of Harvard’s female graduate and professional School students reported being harassed, and 21.8 percent of these women said a faculty member had sexually harassed them.
“We must commit ourselves to being a better community than the one the survey portrays,” Faust wrote in her email. “It is up to all of us to ensure that Harvard is a realization of our ideals, not our fears… confident that the University will respond to their needs.
Confidence in the University’s ability to handle sexual assault cases vigorously and appropriately varies widely.
Although 61 percent of all Harvard students think the University is “very or extremely likely” to take a report of sexual assault seriously, only 43 percent of female undergraduates at the College and at the Division of Continuing Education said they feel that way.
Asked if they thought the University would conduct a fair investigation of any reported assault claim, 41 percent of Harvard students said they were only “somewhat” certain officials would do the job properly, while 29 percent said the process was “very” likely to be fair. Female undergraduates were a bit more skeptical, with 45 percent saying a fair investigation was “somewhat” likely.
But when asked how likely University officials were to take action against an offender, 46 percent of female undergraduates said they had little or no confidence that they would. In addition, 84 percent expressed some doubt any action would be taken. Overall, 68 percent of Harvard students surveyed were dubious of follow-through against offenders.

 I am very curious what solutions Dr. Faust has for preventing abuse suffered now by over seventy percent of Harvard women. Maybe she can start by identifying the twenty percent of abusers who were faculty members in graduate and professional school students.

And does Dr. Faust believe that all women should

 be drafted?