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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Federal Stats on Abuse in the Military - Draft for Women is Unthinkable, but the Government is Ready to Do it

As it seems that the congress and the president are preparing the country for draft, when that is necessary, to include woman as well as men. Federal Law requires the Department of Defense to provide annual reports about sexual abuse in the military. The latest report that I have is 729 pages containing many results of thorough investigations. The report on Fiscal Year 2012 adds this:
The number of sexual assaults reported to DoD authorities in FY12 does not necessarily reflect the number of sexual assaults that occurred in FY12.  
¡  Civilian research indicates victims only report a small fraction of sexual assaults to law enforcement.  For example, of the 1.1 million U.S. civilian women estimated to have experienced nonconsensual vaginal, oral, or anal penetration in 2005, only about 173,800 (16 percent) said they reported the matter to police.  For the estimated 673,000 U.S. civilian college-aged women who experienced nonconsensual vaginal, oral, or anal penetration, only about 77,395 (11.5 percent) indicated they reported it to the police.[1]  The definition of sexual assault used in this college sample refers to penetrating crimes only.  Consequently, it captures fewer crimes than the DoD definition of sexual assault, which encompasses both penetrating and non-penetrating sexual offenses, and attempts to commit these offenses.
This reporting behavior is mirrored in the U.S. Armed Forces.  Over the past 6 years, the Department estimates that fewer than 15 percent of military sexual assault victims report the matter to a military authority

At any rate, assuming that "fewer than 15 percent of military sexual assault victims report the matter to a military authority" that says that about 85% of those abused did not report it. If the report says that in Fiscal Year 2012 about 3,000 people, mostly young women, reported serious abuse, and if that is less than fifteen percent of the true total, what is the true total? The true total is roughly twenty thousand molested and abused people, mostly young women.

We must also keep in mind that the military is desperate to curb sexual abuse, and it tries everything, but nothing works. Things just get worse, not better, even after all of the efforts, studies, and huge monies spent. Things just get worse.

Because anytime, anywhere, that men and women are together, there are going to be problems. There are no exceptions. Harvard University recently released a study about Harvard abuse and found that 72.7 percent of women in Harvard were sexually abused, many, about twenty percent, by instructors.

See our post on this blog about Harvard. At any rate, we have quoted these disgusting facts, because the government seems determined to call up women to the draft if there is one, and this would seem to be backed by the Supreme Court in a previous ruling, as we explain there.

It is a cardinal sin for a woman to be with men in the army or anywhere else. The American army is now thoroughly mixed with men and woman working together almost everywhere. It is thus very sinful for even a man to answer the draft and live in the military where men and women are constantly sinning, willingly or by force. But women are a very serious problem because some of them may end up committing suicide, not just because of abuse, but because a Jewish woman cannot live in such an environment of terrible sin. HaShem Yerachem. And yes, nobody besides this blog is complaining about it, as far as I know. I speak to a lot of people and they have all types of responses that "it will never happen" which just shows they don't read the papers.

[1] Kilpatrick, D., Resnick, H., Ruggiero, K., Conoscenti, L., & McCauley, J. (2007). Drug-Facilitated, Incapacitated, and Forcible Rape: A National Study.   End quote: On my computer it came out that this information is on page 70 but since WORD changes the original study that was PDF although the text is the same the pages may not be. Nonetheless, it is generally easy to find the sections in the 729 page report that have the statistics and realities of how much problems there are.