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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Frum Follies Attacks Me for Not Knowing the Laws of Coerced Gittin

The following is from a comment on Frum Follies, a blogspot devoted to destroying respect for Haredim. That blog is busy with defaming my brother Rabbi Dr. Daniel Eidensohn, but Sam here is quoted in his attack on me also.

Sam says:
I see eidensohn reads this blog. So this is directed to that loser.
.... You pretend to know Halacha , but all the poskim disagree with you,,especially on your wrong misunderstanding what constitutes a forced get. Your seforim are thrown in the garbage ,just as if an apikores wrote them. You are not accepted even to speak about child abuse anymore. Nobody cares anymore about your web site, except your few followers who think everybody is crazy except them. You and your brother bring shame to your family.END QUOTE

Hello Sam and regards to Yerachmiel Lopin or whatever his real name is,
Sam says that "all the poskim disagree with you, especially on your wrong misundrstanding what constitutes a forced get." That is very interesting, because I had an in depth discussion with Posek HaDor Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashev zt"l about forced Gittin, and I asked him for his name for my Gittin Beth Din, and he immediately gave it. But don't believe me. Just allow me to  show you the clear sources in the Shulchan Aruch that coercing a husband to divorce in the vast majority of cases is wrong.

Even Hoezer chapter 77 paragraph 2 and 3. There the Shulchan Aruch, the Ramo, the Gro, the Beis Shmuel and the Chelkas Mechokake, all of the major commentators on Shulchan Aruch, agree that coercing a husband solely on the basis of the wife hating him, is wrong and is sinful coercion. The Vilna Gaon #5 says that nobody disagrees. Of course, Sam disagrees. Tell me, who besides  you disagrees?

Now you said that all of the poskim disagree with me. If so, show me one posek who disagrees with me.

You write that "your seforim are thrown in the garbage just as if an spikores wrote them." That is very interesting, because my  brother's seforim are best sellers, one after the other, and you are the first one who made up a lie, very common in these situations, and said what filth  you want, because  you are on a blog that encourages filth and lies about Haredim. Well, my brother called your hero Yerachmiel a liar, with proofs, not like the loser haters on that blog of haredi haters who are probably far removed from Torah. So, it is a free country. You go on Y's blog and specialize in lies about Haredim, attack me and my brother, and I am here to reply.

Incidentally, you also mention that you disagree with what I wrote about Pilegesh. I  replied  on frumfollies, but he would not publish my remarks. My brother publishes Yerachmiel or whatever his real name is whenever he comes on my brother's blog and treats him fare and square, even though he maintains that Y is a liar. He proves that he is a liar and leaves it at that. But Y would not allow me to respond to an attack on me and my brother on his blog. So I decided to reply on my blog. It is about time that people like my brother and myself who have great respect from the Gedolim of the past and present generations, don't just ignore the filth and hate that comes from people who don't love haredim and who knows if they are religious. The Talmud says that the Am Aratsim, the sect of ignorant Jews in ancient Israel, hated rabbis intensely. They were bitter about something that led them to hate. And that is happening now in the few hate blogs such as frumfollies and failed messiah. We can't stop their blogs but we can respond to them.

I am of course greatly distressed that Sam's friends don't respect me, so to comfort myself I looked into my seforim with Reb Moshe Feinstein's haskomo, and he wrote, "I know Rabbi Eidensohn for many years as one who delves deeply into complex halacha." That is the ultimate compliment from Posek HaDor Reb Moshe. My seforim have many such haskomose from Gedolei HaDor of the past generation. Of course, I am still waiting for Sam's haskomo.

Sam writes that "Nobody cares anymore about your web site, except your few followers who think everybody is crazy except them. You and your brother bring shame to your family." That is strange because my brother's blog is heavy in traffic, very heavy. And those who come are often very smart people who write very well and say interesting things. But Sam thinks they are people who think everybody is crazy except them.

As far as the frumfolly filth lies that our family is ashamed of us, allow me just to say that my brother and I have done very nice shidduchim. I spoke recently to a Rosh Beis Din in a major American city and he told me that he is a mechuton with my brother. My children married the top Torah, Yeshiva and rebbesheh families. So, if Sam has no respect for me, others do. I once sat next to my mecheton, the Mattesdorfer Rebbe, and he asked me how I merited to have such good children. I told him, "Mere reeren nisht on yenner gelt." He really like that.

And now baruch HaShem that we are going down into the marriage of grandchildren, HaShem has helped with wonderful shidduchim, powered by my rebbe's berochose, Reb Shmuel Toledano zt"l the Kabbala genius of Jerusalem, praised by Rav Kaduri as one who wrote Kabbala books on a level that could only be ruach hakodesh.

And to explain to people my teaching on Pilegesh is very simple. I clearly wrote on my post that it is a sin to marry a pilegesh, and I am only talking about people who should not take Kiddushin because they will not honor it, but force the husband to give a GET in a way that makes invalid divorces, or they declare the marriage not valid, which is an evil outrage. Such people should not have kiddushin, but they are not allowed to be alone because of biological pressures. Therefore, the only solution is pilegesh, to rely on those who permit pilegesh. However, because piilegesh chould result in a need for a GET, anyone who does pilegesh needs a  proper Beth Din to sign a paper for them that the marriage is not one that requires a GET.

But Sam just zips in and says lies that I permit Pilegesh. I can't stop the liars, but let them hear some truth for a change. I don't know how they will adjust to that. But I believe that people who see these blogs that specialize in hate of Haredim, made by people who may not be frum, or are not known to be frum, should realize that such people are suspected of saying what we have shown are obvious lies, and anything they say is to be suspect.

The sin of loshon hora is one thing. But to make up a lie about somebody, especially somebody who is involved with Avodas HaShem, is the kind of sin that Yerachmiel and his followers whatever their real names are will be judged for. Now, today they probably don't believe in such things.It is quite likely that these people are bitter about somebody in the Torah community for reasons real or not. But to devote one's life to lies about people who spend their lives helping people, is wrong. And when HaShem will judge Yerachmiel and his followers, all of those who contributed to that enterprise may be called in to testify for themselves.