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Thursday, March 24, 2016

We Need a New Agudah That Will Fight False "Gedolim" and not Praise Reshoim

A New Agudah is Needed
By Rabbi Dovid E. Eidensohn
In our blog Joe Orlow posted a comment that we have to go beyond the blogs into the community to teach people who are the gedolim and who are the opposite. I think he is right. The failures and tragedies of Rabbi Shmuel Kaminetsky and the woman he encouraged with his son to remarry without a GET are the failures organizations protesting. It is true that after a while when the pressures from the blogs became very strong, many rabbis did send in letters to the blog with their opinions that any child of Tamar with her boyfriend without a GET from her husband is a mamzer. But there was no organization devoted not to advancing the rabbis in some form or other, but in protecting the community from the bad rabbis.

The Agudah is the prime example of a bad organization that is interested in raising money for Yeshivas, making a lot of fantastic publicity for Torah causes, but not getting involved in the other things. The rabbinical world knew of  the disgrace of Philly rabbis supporting Tamar Epstein Friedman to remarry without a GET. They said in writing time and again that any child she would have from her boyfriend with no GET from her husband would be a mamzer. But the only one fighting it was my blog and my brother’s blog. There was no rabbinic organization designed to fight these things. And furthermore, since the Yeshiva and rabbinical world relies on funding from charitable Jews, and some of these Jews may be relative or friends of Rabbi Shmuel Kaminetsky or Rabbi Notto Greenblatt, they were reluctant to get involved, and they kept quiet. The Agudah made great efforts in presenting RSK as the main speaker and a Gadol even as the rabbis of the world attacked him for making adultery and eventually mamzerim.

So yes, let us think anew. In each community, there are a few people who are concerned about the truth and true Torah leadership. Let a few people in each community study up on our blogs, and contact me about whatever topics are important, and then, within their communities, let them have a meeting, at first in somebody’s house, or maybe eventually in a shull, and perhaps a rabbis will speak out on what has to be spoken. But let’s go in that direction, and hopefully, HaShem will help us. My email is and my phone is 845-578-1917.

There is now a situation in the United States that the President and Congress have declared there is no difference between men and women regarding the military draft. This would mean that Orthodox girls drafted into the military would have a problem of suicide. And yet, there is no Jewish organization even talking about this, as far as I know. The Agudah is not interested in this topic.

Thus, we have to fight about women being subject to the draft in America. We have to fight about kosher Gittin, about the disaster of broken families, and about the problems with Yeshivas not producing Gedolim, or producing the kind that are appreciated in the Agudah who pasken not to fight gays and and support Rabbi Shmuel Kaminetsky as a great gadol.