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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Protest against Draft of Women in America from Joe Orlow

Dear Senator ---, I am writing to you on the issue of Sen. McCain's legislation to "Draft America's Daughters". There is no military draft in the U.S. at this time. However, men are required to register for the draft. It is conceivable that there will be a draft at some point in the future. If the draft is reinstated, then some of the men who are registered for the draft will be called up for military service. Women are not required to register for the draft at this time. The U.S. Congress has the power to make legislation to require women to register for the draft. Right now, language has been added to legislation that is in committee that would require women to register. I oppose the legislation on the basis of what I call the "3 R's": Religion, Rape, and Readiness. The following will explain the 3 R's. ReligionMilitary service for women is inconsistent with the religious observance of many women. This conflict between religion and the draft is separate from the "conscientious objector" status that men may seek if they are drafted. Many religious women would likely object to being drafted on the basis of other religious directives. Thus, drafting women would lead to having to institute a whole bureaucracy to deal with the cases of women who legitimately claim religious exemptions. Furthermore, there will be women who do not have a basis for a legitimate religious exemption but who may claim they do in order to avoid the draft. RapeRape of enlisted women by other soldiers in the military is well documented. The rate of rape seems to be significantly higher than in society at large. This issue will become more pronounced during the next few years. It seems to me that what may be needed is a registry of military rapists, similar to the registry of convicted pedophiles that already exists. The culture of rape is apparently so prevalent in the U.S. military that I would even go so far as arguing that some who advocate for a draft of women have an unstated agenda of providing male soldiers with what has in the past been euphemistically called "comfort women". ReadinessThe two issues mentioned so far, religion and rape, will affect the readiness of the military in a time leading up to war and during wartime itself. These issues will distract from the war effort and lead to division in the country at precisely a time when unity will be required. Furthermore, it seems to me that the country would be conducting a huge military social experiment with the draft of women. A peacetime draft would be the time to experiment. America is unlikely to institute a peacetime draft, however. Thus a wartime draft of women would add one more risk factor into the already risky nature of war. Admittedly, there may be no good reason, based on current judicial understandings of the U. S. Constitution, to prevent a draft of women. But as has been said before in other contexts, the Constitution is not a suicide pact. Traditionally, in the U.S., national security concerns have been allowed to overshadow strict interpretations of rights. Thus, not drafting women is just something that men and women are going to have to deal with: it is inherently unfair for the draft to target men, but that is the way it is.
The tangled and involved issue of gender should not be allowed to threaten those in the country who have not swallowed the Kool-Aid of political correctness. I urge you to contact Sen. McCain and express opposition to his efforts to draft women. Sincerely,