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Showing posts with label The War against Aharon Friedman by Washington Rabbis Who Deny the Shulchan Aruch. Show all posts

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Baltimore Beth Din Backs Aharon Friedman: Washington Rabbis with a New Torah Made in Sedom

A letter from Baltimore Beth Din states that they, not the Washington rabbis, are the official Beth Din to deal with Aharon Friedman and his wife, and that Aharon has obeyed the Beth Din and does not at this point have to give his wife a GET until issues of custody are properly determined.

The letter condemns rabbis who are not accepted by both sides as the official Beth Din, and not only do they mix in, but they attack Aharon who has done nothing wrong.

The pertinent issues revealed by the Beth Din are:
1) Aharon has done nothing contrary to halacha.

2) Until husband and wife settle the issue of child custody, Aharon has no obligation to give his wife a GET.

3) Aharon was never "מעגן" his wife because until she cooperates with a Beth Din to determine about the custody of the child, Aharon has no obligation to give her a GET.

4) "To the best of our knowledge, he has not refused to divorce her nor has he made unreasonable demands; rather, he has insisted that the child custody issues be resolved properly first, which is entirely appropriate על פי דין תורה."

6) The Baltimore Beth Din writes, "Regretfully, we must conclude that much wrong has been done herein, in unjustified actions taken against Mr. Friedman, in wrongful defamation, and in being מבזה חברו ברבים...

7) "It is therefore clear that there is and was no valid Halachic היתר to publicly shame him, demonstrate against him, or otherwise unduly pressure him to divorce her."

7)  The Baltimore Beth Din wrote, "Numerous actions were taken against him...let alone physical assault and attempted abduction with intent to forcefully coerce divorce, רח"ל."

8) Aharon's wife Tamar is from a wealthy family. Her mother paid rabbinic gangsters to kidnap Aharon Friedman, but he managed to slip away. There were witnesses to this, and eventually the Trenton trial of the rabbi-kidnappers required Tamar's mother to pay a large fine.

9) The Washington rabbis are against Aharon but they say nothing about Tamar, who is "married" to another man with no GET at all, something which guarantees that any child she will have from that new husband will be a mamzer. But the Washington rabbis have no time for these problems. They are too busy forcing Aharon to give a GET to a tramp whose mother is a convicted gangster and kidnapper. That is how they do it in Washington. I call it not Washington but Sedom.