Shalom Bayis Beth Din - For All Ages

Shalom Bayis Beth Din is for all ages. Why? Because if a marriage has deteriorated until it comes to a general Beth Din, things are close to a GET. Talking about a GET is in itself a disaster. Shalom Bayis Beth Din has nothing to do with a GET. It is to promote a good marriage.

I have spoke to prominent poskim and therapists, and they are enthusiastic about this project. One major therapist who is also a Rov, told me that by Torah and by science, teaching people how to behave in marriage should begin at the time of intimacy. At any rate, there is much to be achieved if done early that cannot easily be achieved later on.

We therefore offer at this time Shalom Bayis Beth Din to people with good marriages, with broken marriages, people planning on marrying, people beginning shidduchim, and indeed, even earlier than that. Learning how to behave and how to have Derech Erets that precede the Torah can begin at any time. In fact, the earlier the better.

Anyone interested can write to me at, or call 845-578-1917.

Dovid Eidensohn